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  1. I'm a designer, writer, and co-director of the experimental landscape studio GRNASFCK and 1.5 Rooms project space. I also teach in the architecture department at CUNY - City Tech.

    Here I am discussing my work w/ collaborator Ian Quate on Archinect - Between Sampling & Dowsing: Field Notes from GRNASFCK

  2. Recent & upcoming:

    March 2018 Domesti.city organized by Jessica Kwok and Adjustments Agency

    September 2017 Westopia! organized by Parasite 2.0, Milan, Italy.

    Summer 2017 "Artist in Vacancy" w/ GRNASFCK, Newburgh, NY. Commissioned by Diana Mangaser with support from the Newburgh Community Land Bank

    July 2017  Summer Forum , Kaneoha, HI

  3. CV